Dream it, Plan it, Make it

Unleash your creativity

I know plenty of you and more out there, with talent, and the need to be creative.

I would like to start a group, to inspire and develop our creative urges.

What we will do:

We all have a great frustration.

Partly one that is monetary.

On a larger scale, one that is deep down, an almost soul crushing frustation.

We need to do creative things, build and make, and ultimately do things of significance.

Which direction do we go? What do we do? That is something we will all figure out along the way.

I think we start by building a group, sharing ideas, inspiration, encourgement. We guide each other as well as ourselves.

I will see about setting up some things to facilitate some of this process. I invite all of you to contribute as you see fit, to add to this in a way that you feel you can. For now, I'm putting info on my facebook to link here to this page, and will add on as I figure some things out.

Some of this I'm thinking we model after Disneys Imagineers. That philosphy, of creativity, just seems very right.

Also in part, we just model, after the child in us, and let that wonder guide each of us.

Can you imagine a childs' wild imagination with the power of an adults skills...?

(a good source to read: "The Imagineering Way: Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity" By The Imagineers.)

I know this may sound crazy to many of you. I simply don't care if it is crazy or not.

I know that my own personal creativity is screaming to get out, to be let free to make, to build, to express.

It's time to plant the seeds of inspiration, to cut the bonds of repression, remove the restraints, and unleash creativity.

Action: for now, make some comment on the facebook entry that lead you here.

A journey begins with a step. One small step. Simple, yet profound.

Let's go.

Some links to read:

Fun things:

Making things: